A downloadable game for Windows

Tell me you hate it or something @Jp_Klooster or in the comments. (Actually do it, it's useful feedback)


Left & Right

P : Pause

R : Restart

Q: Change music


More information

Published 320 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorJordan Kloosterman


GMG_Win_1.3.exe (55 MB)
GMG_win_1.3.zip (55 MB)
GMG LTP 1.1 (18 MB)
Zip Alternative 1.1 (18 MB)
GMG LTP 1.0 OLD (17 MB)
Zip Alternative 1.0 OLD (18 MB)


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Took me a minute to realize what the point of the game was, but once I did I really dug it--which is similar to what people always tell me about my games, so needless to say I enjoyed this!

It could use a lot more polish, which I'm sure you already know, but as far as the concept goes, this is a pretty cool one.

This game definitely makes the logic part of your brain work! At first I wasn't sure how to transform from square to diamond. I used the D button to switch to the diamond and the left mouse button to move vertically. Regarding UI I found that the two arrow buttons at the top were unnecessary because I could just click within the area of my player to swap shapes. Thanks for placing the pause button because breaks help. It was interesting that at first I was more concerned with my green score than I became more concerned with my red mistakes. I ended up leaving a score of green 533 and red 130. As for the art it was clean and overall easy on the eyes. I do appreciate giving it depth by making the background blurred and it helped to focus on the foreground. The ukulele was a nice touch but at one point I actually heard breathing/sighing/child unit making noise so I would probably edit that part out. So far this is one of the top favorites I have reviewed as of yet!

(ps. placed comment in procjam as well)

Came here after the stream ended. It's simple, but seems pretty solid. I had a bit of trouble initially figuring out what the controls were, I wasn't sure how to pass the triangles. Fortunately, there aren't too many buttons and I was able to work it out. Good job!

Thank you.